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FVC provides a wide variety of resources designed to assist veterans in making a successful military transition into an agricultural career in sustainable farming. Our Resource Center compiles information from a wide variety of sources into one location, allowing easy access to farming education materials and information on a wide variety of topics.

Veteran Careers in Agriculture:
A Resource Guide
Veteran Careers in Agriculture: Aresource Guide” is a comprehensive guide for military veterans in the agriculture industry.

Whether you are iust beginning you career in agriculture or you are a seasoned Farmer Verteran, this guide provides useful information on everything from training opportunities to busines plans to organizations that can support your agriculture venture. There is a vast range of career opportunities in the agriculture industry, this guide can help you determine which route to take.
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 “I found working with livestock to be an incredibly rewarding experience and very therapeutic. I found I could live life fully again, have a sense of belonging, purpose, self-worth and joy. Things that were missing for far too long after my injury and during extended rehabilitation.” – David Beardi