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Are you a farming veteran looking for assistance with your agriculture venture? Agriculture industry leaders have business skills and experience that the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) harnesses into mentorships for returning warriors. By bringing these two groups together, our program has the ability to help returning veterans transition into civilian careers. Mentors are individuals who are established in their respective field and have volunteered to help veteran farmers with questions about their operations. If you have questions about writing a business plan, or need technical or marketing advice, FVC’s mentors may be able to help you on your road to success.

  • Fellowship
    The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is designed to assist veterans beginning a career in food and farming, and assist current Farmer Veterans with business expansion.
  • Career
    The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) can help match you with job and internship/apprenticeship placement. FVC networks with the agriculture industry to determine employment needs and gaps that can be filled by veterans.
  • Farmer Veteran
    FVC both hosts and collaborates with partnering organizations to make event opportunities available to veterans in agriculture. These events include conferences, educational workshops and retreats, concert fundraisers, farm tours, webinars, etc…
  • Farmer Equipment
    Beginning and established farmers face several challenges when it comes to starting or expanding their farm. The purpose of the Equipment Donation Program will be to get equipment to veterans that need it.


 “I found working with livestock to be an incredibly rewarding experience and very therapeutic. I found I could live life fully again, have a sense of belonging, purpose, self-worth and joy. Things that were missing for far too long after my injury and during extended rehabilitation.” – David Beardi