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Advisory Panel
  • Nadia McCaffrey
    Honorary Advisory Panel Member

    Nadia McCaffrey is Franco-American. She is an American Gold Star Mother of Sgt Patrick McCaffrey who was shot 8 times and killed in Balad, Iraq June 22 2004. Nadia is the founder of PatrickMcCaffreyFoundation.org, a 501c3 nonprofit, Veterans Helping Vets. She is also the founder of Angelstaff, a group of trained volunteers who bring a caring presence to terminally ill and their families. Nadia has traveled internationally including the Middle East, speaking of her son’s life, death and legacy. Through all this, she gives a face to the war by telling people Patrick’s story and has become an international voice for Peace, Justice and responsibility in government.

    Nadia McCaffrey
  • Will Allen
    Honorary Advisory Panel Member

    Will Allen is an urban farmer who is transforming the cultivation, production and delivery of healthy foods to under-served urban populations.  After a brief career in professional basketball and a number of years in corporate marketing at Procter & Gamble, Will Allen returned to his roots as a farmer, using his retirement package to purchase a plot of inner-city land with greenhouses, where he established and functions as the CEO of the country’s preeminent urban farm and non-profit organization, Growing Power.  In February 2010, he was invited to the White House to join First Lady Michelle Obama in launching “Let’s Move!”—her signature leadership program to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity in America.  On May 10th, 2012, Will Allen became a published autobiographer of the book, THE GOOD FOOD REVOLUTION: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities (Penguin/Gotham Books).  He lives with his wife in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

    Will Allen
  • Kelly Chapman Meyer
    Honorary Advisory Panel Member

    Kelly is a trustee of the NRDC and co-founder of The American Heart Association Teaching Gardens.  Kelly co-founded the Teaching Gardens program as a way to combat the rise of childhood obesity and lifestyle-related illnesses. As co-founder of the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, Kelly has helped to raise over $40 million for ground-breaking Bio-Marker research. She has received a number of honors including: Oprah’s “2010 O Power List,” Huffington Post’s Game Changer 2011 and the 2012 EMA Life Time Achievement Award. She and her husband Ron Meyer, President and COO of Universal Studios, have four children together.

    Kelly Chapman Meyer
  • Sandra Belin
    Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo

    Co-founder and owner of Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo with her husband Larry Jacobs. The company was founded with the goal to produce great tasting, healthy food in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The Jacobs Farm brand represents certified organic product grown in northern California and features an extensive culinary herb and edible flower line. The Del Cabo label features basil, a full category of cherry tomatoes and other certified organic produce grown in the farming regions of Baja California. In 2007 Sandy and Larry were awarded the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) prestigious 2007 Organic Farming Leadership Award for their remarkable contributions to the organic industry.

    Sandra Belin
  • Joe Judge
    President, Bennett Valley Grape Growers

    Senior Vice President – Investments with Wells Fargo Advisors, Joe began his career at Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley and spent 23 years there before moving his practice to Wells Fargo Advisors in 2010. Joe and his wife have owned and managed Judge Family Vineyard since 2000. Joe has been the President of the Bennett Valley Grape Growers Association since 2008.

    Joe Judge
  • Maria Miller
    Education Director, National Farmers Union

    She works with the Farmers Union state education directors and volunteer leaders to provide educational and leadership building opportunities to Farmers Union youth. Maria develops educational outreach programs for members of all ages, rural residents and consumers. Miller began her career with Farmers Union at a state level, serving as director of communications and education for more than eight years in Ohio. She was editor of the state organization’s official publication and was actively involved in developing and implementing a sustainable youth program.

    Maria Miller
  • Don Roberts
    Plant Production, Driscoll Berries

    Don served in Vietnam as an Infantry 1Lt in the US Army during combat operations from May 1969 to May 1970. From an entry position in logistics and quality control he eventually became nursery manager for the production of plants for Driscoll’s proprietary strawberry varieties, eventually including raspberry, blackberry and blueberry plant propagation. These growing systems are now the largest berry plant production operation in the world. In 2008 he retired from being nursery director and works now as an employee/consultant with a primary emphasis in monitoring farming, mentoring younger staff and assisting in the implementation of nursery efforts for Driscoll’s international operations in Mexico, Europe and Australia.

    Don Roberts
  • Paul Willis
    President, Niman Ranch Pork

    Founder and manager of Niman Ranch Pork Company, is also the owner and operator of the Willis Free Range Pig Farm in Thornton, Iowa, where he still lives on the farm where he grew up and raises pigs on open pasture and deeply bedded pens without the use of antibiotics. Paul is a member of the committee convened by the National Academy of Sciences that worked on the project, 21st Century Systems Agriculture. Paul was also an invited participant in the Expert Meeting on Capacity Building to Implement Good Animal Welfare Practices convened in October 2008 in Rome by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In 2003, together with Bill Niman, he was honored with the Good Neighbor Harvest Award by the Glynwood Center, an organization that works nationally and internationally to support sustainable agriculture.

    Paul Willis
  • Erin Hardie Hale
    Research and Planning Associate, Food Solutions New England

    Erin is a Research and Planning Associate with Food Solutions New England, a regional food systems learning-action network dedicated to addressing issues of food access, food security, and environmental, economic and social sustainability of agriculture in the region.  Erin recently finished her PhD in agriculture and science education at UC Davis focused on coalition building and collaborative research between farmers and conservation groups in California’s Central Valley. Erin also has a master’s degree from UC Davis in International Agricultural Development with an emphasis in post-harvest handling systems for horticultural crops. She is committed to finding ways that educational programs, research institutions, and information systems can best support the health and viability of small and medium-scale farms, rural communities, and ecosystems across the nation and the world.

    Erin Hardie Hale
  • Linda Coffey
    Agriculture Specialist, NCAT

    Agriculture Specialist for the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and works part time on the ATTRA project, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Ken and Linda Coffey and their children have run a commercial small ruminant operation for 26 years, 10 years in SE Kansas and 16 years in NW Arkansas (Maple Gorge Farm, Prairie Grove, AR). Their primary focus has been on raising meat-type wooled sheep and dairy goats were added to the operation 9 years ago. Currently they are milking 8 Alpines and marketing milk locally. Linda is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (acsrpc.org).Together with her coworker, Margo Hale, Linda has authored ATTRA publications on the subjects of dairy goats, meat goats, sheep, and internal parasite control.

    Linda Coffey


 “I found working with livestock to be an incredibly rewarding experience and very therapeutic. I found I could live life fully again, have a sense of belonging, purpose, self-worth and joy. Things that were missing for far too long after my injury and during extended rehabilitation.” – David Beardi